Klem Ellil 911

Klem Ellil 911 9/11 11/9
The first october, by its stratup, the comedy got all its tickets sold for for the next show till mid november !
The 911 is somthing more significant than the reverse aid number of the number of the beast it encapsulates a sudden world change into violence and the new defintion of “terrorism”, and here in Tunisia as Micheal moore have surligned with a lot clearness the fcat of the two tours, Tawfik Jbeli (Touafik as in frnch version) the master of the night speech corner afetr seven episode of the most famous tunisian theatal play, has made a special version of the event “Klem Ellil” 911 كلام الليل ” aka the thieves of Bagda starring Atedf BEN HASSIN , Chekra RAMMAH, Abdelmonem CHOUYET, Kaoula LE HADEF ,…
“Kelm Ellil” is a like romeo and juliet you can talk about using as much as you want version as long as that Romeo love juliet and as much as this love is deadly, the strcture and details don’t really matter that imporatnt.
Spotted by lights the actors tries to negociate with the public the speech games with retorical questions and self moquery.
“I don’t believe that I’m still living haven’t ever tried the sucide !” said an iraqi actres : Azadouhy Samaweel. It’s long story that can’t stand neglect go and discover what’s really happening there in the islses of lights submerged by the waves of continious dark.
The comedy is played in “El Theatro” get there and get a tikcket.


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