Bavario – Barbara Show

bavario barbara
Thanks for Selmen for both Photos (With he’s own Cam) and the Logistical information.
In collaboration with the Tunis Gothe-Institut, The municipality of Tunis in the municipality theatre have been kindly to invite the bavario group made up of fours music players that have nothing to do with the normal artits we know, when every player masters more than three instrumnet, and audiable exclamation show the surprise.
Selmen was excited tolding me what he have seen and heard, by the way I were wer intersted to know mre, just as information the come from German(München) made ny of : Weolfgang Netzer (3 instruments), Martin Kerber (5 instruments), Andreas Kerber (7 instruments) and Marcio Alves (3 instruments).
Most of the used instruments are not very usual unless unknown and bizarre such as the big thing where he is blowing or somthing like, the little audio samle that selmen have made me taste was excellent, It’s a micture of blues, jazz , rock … It’s a music that doesn’t belong to a class but to the momment you’ve been in the scence hearing that chef d’ouvre.
I am unable to tell you more, else that I’ve missed a real excellent show, how can we get the artistic agenda of Tunis, does anybody know ?


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  1. Soly says:

    …bizarre such as the big thing where he is blowing…
    You mean the “Alpenhorn”?

  2. Karim says:

    certainly my english is tanding in a stage where such nomination are bebts of my curiosity

  3. Soly says:

    Alpenhorn is the german name of the instrument, which is typical for that region (esp. Switzerland), and I only know the name because I am living in Germany.

  4. Karim says:

    Can you tell us more ? that’s really intersant !

  5. Soly says:

    Have you seen their homepage? (music of the brasilan foothills of the Alps)
    It’s in german (unfortunately) , and you can hear some pieces of music. The name BavaRio is a mixture of Bavaria(“Bayern” in germany) and Rio (in Brasil). There is an oriental touch in their last CD Baraba, as a result of a stay in Istanbul, according to their homepage.

  6. Karim says:

    Wow really exitent !

  7. Teysir says:

    I lOVE TUNISIA!! that’s my country! lol, thanks for all the true things that you said about it, i am in the usa right now and they’re asking me some STUPID questions, like “do yall have coke in tunisia? school? cars?
    can anyone tell me what to do? or how i can answer it? all i can do right now is ignore, and i am tired of explaining,

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