Back from Kairouan

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Yesterday I went into a professional trip to assit our colllegue in our local office in Kairouan, the day have exausted all my energy so much there were trouble with the network, and so at 14 pm we’ve left back to Tunis and as is it the body and the bone, my cam was fliiling data with fun, some photos of the makrouth wich is a tunisian pastry famous in Kairoun, we’ve also visited the “Fusskya”, wich I were unable to translate, but that I can define a big trap of water to save water for the years that misses rain, it was build 500 years ago and still works, that’s excellent.
Kairouan is a very picturesque town that stands in the very middle of Tunisia, about 145 Km to Tunis, the mosque of “Okba Ibn Nafaa” is the most famous monument it belongs to the first islamic contests in north africa, Kairoun has been the capital city of Tunis and north africa for a long years, it has been also the city where have lived “Ibn Khaldoun” the most famous socialogical scientist, the city got two entrances : one from the west coming from Tunis, Sousse, one to the south exchanging the road with Sfax and the rest of the south. I haven’t been able to notice hotels or restaurents because of time, but it seems -as I’ve seen tourits- that there are such facilities ther.
As final word, the road back to home have raised into my mind many questions about kairouan and the culture of the vry middle as I’ve already said above and how do peapole think and live, that’s would be my conquest in a next trip.
[Back from Kairouan Gallery]


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  1. Claud says:

    Thanks for the Makrouth 🙂

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