Kelibia Under Tornado attack : The final Photos Collection

klibia Tornado final Gallery Clik here to see more
This is one of the most full collection of the damages beeing taken after the tornado’s passing, this gallery contains 100 photos, including the photo of the car wich three persons have died.
A special thinks for IBK, ABS, MHC, FL, WJ, LA that have provided me with those exclusif photos, without their kidness my only information about the fact would be some wet text that belongs to the doubt.
The team that have been very active would like to share this text with you appologizing the families of the victims and asking god to bless Kelibia (French) :

Aux victimes de cette tragédie qui a eu lieu le 13-11-2004 à Kélibia, Nous vous adressons nos plus sincères condoléances et sommes de tout cœur avec vous pour cette douloureuse épreuve.
Que Dieu clément bénis nos victimes et toutes personnes ayant souffert de cette tragédie.
Nov. 2004
Avec nos sentiments les plus cordiaux
“Ina Lellahi wa in ilayhi rajiaaoun – إن لله و إن إليه راجعون

[100 Photos of Klibia Twister]

4 Comments Add yours

  1. genna says:

    Just received an email and I don’t really mind my link being dropped, but I was wondering. How have I not been honest?

  2. black warrior says:

    I wanna just thank you for these publications. And I wanna say shame on the policies which minimized this terrible event of the tornado and talk in the TV only about the “benefic” rain. THANK YOU and I hope that GOD will help all these were touched by this Tornado.

  3. linda says:

    contrairement aux autres, je parlerai en français. Je tenais vraiment a te remercier pour tt ces images que tu as prises. Je suis d origine kelibienne et j ai appris le jour de l aid qu il y avait eu une tornade qui a causé un certains nombres de degats. j ai ete drolement surprise car aucun (mais aucunnnnnnnnn)media n en a parler ni en tunisie ni en france. Je suis cidérée !!!! pourtant il y a eu des morts, de nombreux degats………en tous cas merci j aimerai bien en savoir + au sujet des consequences et sur toi.

  4. car for sale says:

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