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Kelibia tornado kélibia
here are special photos of the damages caused by the big tornado that have passed through klibia the last sunday 13th November! We’ve heard about 12 deadsand about fifty injured and a whole petroluim station erased as much as many vehicules and buildings. Other sources have noticed that Hawaruia, Hammamet and many other twon of the cap-bon (northern Tunisia) and Kairouan had got too such disatster.
One word could express my feeling “God Bless Tunisia !”
klibia kélibia kelibia Tornado tournade
To be honest, The authorities are unable to predict such natural ravage, the tornado stabbs with surorise and technoilogy is just able to predict it before some thirthy minutes, the time that have been enough for the STEG (Tunisia Electric energy Compagny) to cut off the eletric network as it could do more damages, bu the personel efforts of the main habitans are able to prevent them from danger, certainly klibia is not prepared for such things, but …


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  1. ti chbihoum kabchou ki 9ar9na ? :p talfinounek ma fihech rizo elyoume, odhher ghodwa kének fi tounes !!

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