Mouse hunter blog is a professionnel reference

The blogs days are running fast, my writings and photos are becoming more and more poppular and do effect of professionel journalism, Bab El Web, one of the oldest infomation web sites in Tunisia have tracked back the tornado famous picture that belongs to our exclusivity as journalism blog !
Thanks to all the stuff of Bab El Web for beeing so kind and that’s an other worth for the web journalism in Tunisia, Go ahead man !
N.B : Special thanks for Khaled !
Update : at my Flickr gallery it says :” Your photostream has been viewed 1690 times.” wich is the total times for all my others galleries !


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  1. adel says:

    Go Go GO! Karim!

  2. Karim says:

    this is not a dictotheque, tears and fear reign on my blog !

  3. adel says:

    tears and fear and drink parties

  4. Karim says:

    Funny subjets are included in our scholar program

  5. adel says:

    i saw you walking on your own behind the jew cemetery
    u wore blue!
    i called u : “u!” you did not answer
    so i walked away..

  6. etta says:

    ohhh la grosse tête, j’ai mais le lien de ton blog sur tous les forums….et c’est comme ca qu’il est arrivé à bab el web !!!!! :):):):):):) euhhh….

  7. Karim says:

    me source of power 🙂

  8. Soly says:

    Even Sabah al kheir ( )published this photo saying they would habe taken it!!!

  9. Karim says:

    Oh, my god that’s crazy !

  10. etta says:

    Mais c’est pas à toi la photo :):):)
    Guerr, tjik khfifa lol

  11. Karim says:

    C’est la photo d’un ami qui m’a délégué les droits
    It’s a friend transfered photo, for whom the credit is about the fact itself nothin personel !

  12. nice weblog and loved this post

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