Kelibia under Tornado attack !

Kelibia tornado kélibia
Oh my god, no this is nothing to do with a new americain movie, that’s real and it happend in Kelibia -northern Tunisia- and It has been able to do more damage than you think : 10 deads and entirely building destroyed, cars send out swimming with the fishes ! stay tuned more photos in the way !


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  1. Rafik says:

    The last saturday i have seen some cows flying under our house like in american films, i thougt that they will film “twister 2” in tunisia 🙂

  2. Bader says:

    My family come from El Haouaria, and I know that this region is really very windy but not as much !
    — là-bas-chez-nous from France 😉

  3. etta says:

    Décidemment!!!! ca n’arrive pas qu’aux autres !!!!hein…

  4. etta says:

    Oupppssss, mech bel3ani!!!!!!!

  5. adel says:

    c’est grave tout ca les gars!!
    un cyclone en meditarranée..

  6. etta says:

    je suis pas une gars,mister adel :):)

  7. zizimos says:

    il y a mem un ane ki s’est envole

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