Tunisian Mozilla Firefox Party

Mozilla Firex Party by Mouse Hunter
Yesterday, we were just some twenty around the biggest table in “L’étoile du nord”, the meeting was a gathering of the aces of Linux, PHP, Postgresql and opensource in Tunisia, the discusssion was all about the future of opensource in Tunisia and how it’s difficult to integrate such behaviour in our entreprises, however it was working just fine for the momment, but we could do better, than we’ve been talikng especially about PhpTunisie.Net and how to carry out the promised projets and why it’s not a matter of finished product as it is the howto of doing a full project process and make other participate.
The Mozilla Party was excellent even if we have not been talking so much about the 1st relase, we’ve beeb pleased to see that everybody like Firefox as a native as it would be the image of the web!

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  1. Kamel says:

    i think it is a big moment when you are in the hole of this Muther****** party !!!

  2. blid says:

    it was realy a cool party even iffirefox was the main reason of the meeting but not the main subject tha we have talked about

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