Good Morning Tunis

I was up today at 5 o’clock, arriving at Tunis a 7, I’ve taken this very early shot of Bab Aleewa, wich gathers, most the means of the transport : Buses and “lougaes”.
After 30 mintutes walinking, I got to the passage and so … Wow this a geeen metro, did they still exist ? Yes, while all the others are covered with colorfull ads !


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  1. wadid says:

    no one can escape from the heavy rythm..The french says “Metro,Boulot,dodo..”
    What a piece of african techno rythm life.

  2. Karim says:

    hello friend, do you have an ip please ?

  3. neo says:

    good morning friends
    it are brilliant these photographs,very well chlaf.
    malla tlale3.
    ha ha ha ha ha

  4. imed says:

    “it are” ya Sayed?? rabbi yehdik.

  5. Karim says:

    Said is the matrix without having sport shoes 😉

  6. Xan/nesnes says:

    WAW ! Je ne savais pas que Bab Alioua pouvait être aussi bien que ca.
    J’ai pris pendant deux ans le même trajet avec le métro devant sbitar militaire… Et oué le bon vieux temps… Au fait; Super ton blog ! Continue !

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