Mom as hairdresser

There is no shame to get some special mother’s care, she still do as if I were a little kid in cristal, yesterday after having taken my bath, she were afraid of the idea that I should get out with wet hair, so preventing me from sickness she obliged to dry my hair, and as she always do, she never lets me do anything by mysel. I love you mom !


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  1. rafik says:

    You are lucky 🙂
    But you must grow up, you are not still a kid,
    look at the mirror you are a man and we must marry you, so you will be dressed by your wife

  2. etta says:

    sahha elbanou, ya ghannouchou mte3 mama 🙂

  3. briseis says:

    ah c’est hyper mignon ca ..

  4. wadid says:

    Don’t take it as a habit.Next time take your bath with your girfriend.She will dress your hair afterward.

  5. Karim says:

    No my friend , it already happened 😉

  6. aisha says:

    oh .. thats so cute ..
    i love all moms .. tell ur mum i say hi and that i really do love her 🙂
    u know there is one thing that i can’t get over it no matter what .. in every wedding i attend … even if i don’t know the bride very well .. i can’t help not feeling sorry for the mother of the bride .. it makes me cry seeing her with her beloved daughter .. is she suppose to be happy for her?!! .. or sad for leaving her to a new life :S
    oh .. it makes me sad thinking of it now .. i love my mom 😦

  7. hoodia says:

    5720 right spot ruffus

  8. I like your form where can I get one?

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