The village : Consorcuim for saving lust

Yesterday I watched “The village” featuring Joaquin Phoeinx (have played Cesar in Gladiator) a M. Night Shymalan film (sign and 6th sens director). The movie is an excellent piece of truth and innocence, it’s the kind of movies that you’ll certainly keep in mind as a rock of a solid mountainous relief, the story is too simple and complicated in the same time, a village cutten from the rest of the world left behind with no contact with the towns surligned as being dangerous, the experimnet was taken by a fist of victims for whom towns have been hamrming their souls: a raped siste, a killd fother, … results into an isolation of a their descendants who have never seen the town or anybody outside the narrow circle that make “The village”, the forest wich separates the two world have been feed with stories about monsters in red “The whom that we don’t pronounce their names !” the urban legend was invented to make anyone to quit the village ,…
After seeing that movie a dozen of films have passed though my mind, it’s even like the first time I’ve seen matrix, yes ! the same effect with less brain damage as we were trained to be.
“The village” is more than a movie that you’ll catalogue into a movies library, it’s a referencial piece of cinematrophic chef d’oeuvre.
[The Vilage Officila Site]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claud says:

    It’s so great ?! [same first sensationn as Matrix], i really want to watch it.
    I’ll be thankfull if you bring it to us !!

  2. anhdres says:

    i’m 100% agree with you on this. it’s simply a brillant masterpiece.

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