The cats dispute

If you were told to give a small text expressing the both cats thougths how would you do it ? can you really know what inside those little beasts heads ? What hell made them disputing ? Is it a question of cat girls or just about a fat bird appetite for destruction ?
Know You have to give your own text, your own imaginative situation story, do it in any langauge you’d like even chinies as long as it’s about this picture.
Good Luck !
N.B: There is no special price to win else beeing the winner 😉


8 Comments Add yours

  1. imed says:

    le premier chat dit: Miaouu
    le second replique : Miaouu

  2. Who said it’s a dispute ?
    el gris : esma3 chbik taffitni el marra elli fatet ?
    el rouge : normal faute de frappe … mcha fi bali elli enti cham3a :p

  3. Karim says:

    – Got milk ?
    – No !

  4. imed says:

    -Miaouuuuuu ..
    -i hate blues, it’s too sad.

  5. adel says:

    -asma3 pisst! matchalla9ch..
    -choftou hek el m’nay**k elli ched mousawwra fi yeddou??
    -iyh lol! malla m’nay**k lol
    -mouch lé9i maya3mel ysawwar fi zouz 9tates!!
    -lol malla 3béd!

  6. imed says:

    -wof wof..
    -Salopperie de chien

  7. said says:

    ya zibi ma3adelkoum alache tehkiou
    hadi histoire mala ktates

  8. far5 nik says:

    chnia l9o7b weddarwcha elli 3amlou si rabbi?
    9tatsoufil wallina?
    barra yna3 zabbour ommkom wè7ed wè7ed kamcha ta7ana mta3 zebbi
    w tebrdouli mel m3ankech !
    nik ommha ma n9ale9 dirrabek taw n3allem rabbek t7ot tsawer 9tates!

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