Google next to your desktop, Now living inside

Google the sherish web toy is coming more and more across aour basic and most specific needs, like a wish he turns the dream real, this time with an internal search engine call “Google Desktop” that search files, IM and web cahe in your local hard drives, yes your local drives, so much the web is making coumputrers more onlie.
Google desktop is an application that once installed in you computer will standolone as a local web server. It references all your files : office documents, Instant messenger/outlook/http cache. It indexes files while the pc is idle in order to reduce processor and power consumption.
In my personel point a view, it matters so usefull such tricks, but I’ll let it running to test that thing further.

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  1. Amr Al-Hindi says:

    It took google to introduce this functionality to Windows. Mac OS (Tiger) will have it built in. Maybe you should switch 🙂

  2. imed says:

    si zebbi winnek??

  3. Karim says:

    I think that’s gonna makes the desktop look more webby, enough to be into online slavery.
    I will be back in fex days

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