How dare you sleep while the wolf excited settles at home !

Yesterday after a Drink Party that covered Schilling and Trinid with two missing members (injured in the strife), I was back home, nothing to do else beeing drunk but enough polite as usual, when seeing a person that I don’t want to mention worth pusnishement, someone of great madness, someone that you don’t know even know the next sentence of hatred kidness.
The fact is as easy as somone’s is smoking in my hair, the rubbish is forgotten and never send out before it smells very bad, and that’s the only way we take it serious !
If ever I come back today and found some misery considerations of a race that never fullfilled to follow civilisation, I’m gonna call my wolf into action !


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  1. imed says:

    you’ll just find an electric bill to pay…

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