Let it rain et let us get some fun

Last year the 18th os september Tunis -The capitcal of Tunisia- where I live and work, the rain was more than a usal drain of water but a venician event which have submergerd all the city down a flow of chocolate water, the public and private means of transport (especially the metro) were paralised, the strrets turned into rivers without fishes, ah… we are the right fishes.
The coming back was welcome and so the water wasn’t too powerfull like the last release but, still having fun !!
Anyway anytime anywhere me, my freinds : ash and imed have stolen some fun from the city and gone drink some beer in “Al Khalil” bar (next to El Hadaek metro station), engough to forget everything and redo from start !
[Hay El khadhra under pressure]
N.B: The photos were taken by Ash, we’de like to thank him !

2 Comments Add yours

  1. imed says:

    youuupii!! i don’t like the sea but the sea like me … marilyn zarrouk

  2. imed says:

    down to the water line .. imed purple

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