BBC versus CNN

As intersted in news, I am was always looking for local and outside news sources as BBC in both arabic and english, CNN in both languages too, Alarab, arabnews, Le monde, France2, … the Information is perhaps the same, with some spices that diverts the whole meaming and the logic of the story, comparing BBC to CNN is like comparing truth to lies !
Yes, it works like that, now take a look at this picture :

And now this one :

So, the first is the BBC’s one while the second comes from CNN, the first nvokes pity, iraqui terror, pain, … wich is the most revealant of the real happenings here, an air strike on a civil city would let nothing else victims and even if some dozen of armeds resistants are standing there to defend their homes, the americain assault is a total unhuman muredery in iraqi peapole of the fellujah !
CNN said :“U.S. Air Force F-16s conducted a strike against anti-Iraqi forces’ meeting place in the vicinity of Falluja,” dropping a pair of 500-pound satellite-guided bombs shortly after 6 a.m. (10 p.m. ET Sunday), the U.S. military said.
A statement from the Combined Press Information Center said the strike was conducted “on a confirmed Abu Musab Al Zarqawi terrorist meeting site.”

If they have dropped 500 pound bombs with satellite precision why those civil casaualities, or -as they thinks- every iraqui is a potentiel terrorist, and how they dare calling those brave peapole terrorists :“Intelligence sources reported the presence of several key Zarqawi operatives who have been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks against Iraqi civilians, Iraqi Security Forces and multinational forces,”
So they are running after Zarquaoui, in order to establish the promised peace, they are making profit of the war on terrorism, to do as they were the lords of sky.
BBC told that :The US military said it had “accurately targeted” militants from a group linked to al-Qaeda, but there were reports that civilians were among the dead.
This statement is often used to justify their murderies, but who care noone, as I know BBC, they fon’t want to symapthise noone, they haven’t used the term terrorist, only to quote US military sources, at least they report civil victims with photos too.
The conclusion is the hamburger is nothing than a simple diet food, relaxed in front of your CNN tv, You (fat americain) still eating the same old stories of “We defend you !”.
[ CNN version ]
[ BBC version ]


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