Barbaruis actions !

Take a look of how peapole engage their energy, we have strange reasons for enthousiasm : if it’s not a stupid football match , it’s for mizoued, if it’s not a struggle for a female, it’s about how to a new silly rigntone for their mobile phone.
Yesterday when getting back to home throuygh the towncenter in Zaghouan (North of Tunisia, about 55 km to the main city Tunis), where I used to live to a quarter of century I was blazed by this beasty action, someone -who’s conscious wasn’t delivred at time or may never got to do so- have gently smashed this ad, for a reason that I ignore but I can simply classify as one of those above told, if ever I would meet him, I’ll ask this question :
“Coward as you are tell me how far can you go in your stupid behaviour ! at least can try to build while your orgasm is just about destruction !”

Finally that not cool at all beign citizen of this peacefull country we would like if such accident would be the subject of more attention of the authorities beacause that ad was situed in towncenter !

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