Beer may cause you problems !

I’ve found a little cool site with all the beer talk, enough to show you the best and the worst, The Beer Advocate offers beer benchmarks, reports, interviews and more, i’ve caught this little story for you :
July 8, 2004 – Two American West pilots are charged with being drunk in the cockpit after a videotape revealed them getting hammered on beer at a sports bar for hours before they jumped behind the controls of their Airbus, carrying 124 passengers.
and this one too
July 13, 2004 – Eight teens are arrested when police respond to an underage drinking party call. The underage host answers the door with a beer in his hand and refuses to allow the cops to enter, so they nab the fleeing punks as they leave the house. Underage Drinking Tip #1: Hide the beer when someone yells, “Cops! Hide the beer!”

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