As long as bosses exists ….

This week is gathering all the species of the promised hell, the comeback of the double worktime, all the bosses (yes I have a long hierachical authorithy) are back, the forgotten jobs of the summer are claimed all once now as “very urgnet”, evry boss gave me a job that need som brain damage, very damage in my brain reduces the chances to do that job, and very fail makes bosses more and more angry and so on is my life, and so I want to send my bosses thoses messages :”Consider me dead , let me sitting on my desk making fun and love !”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claud says:

    You can also tell them: “I’m not here at the moment … you can leave me a message please, just speek after the beep, thank’s”
    [Tu te met sous boite bocale!] 🙂

  2. Claud says:

    Walla enkoullek … Eskroulha !!!

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