Saturday night fever : the alcoholic and the mercy of the body

Last saturday I was quite sad that I’ve started hallucinating about the howtos of getting better mood and as it’s saturday and as ther’s really nothing to do in this green town (else beeing as stupid as listenning life to a mad singer), I have planned with a friend to get adrink in order to refresh the atmostphere and then goto somewhere in request for fantasy, the details of the grassy beer and the effect is not our item, in the ned we’ve shipped two sluts and get back home, the next day morinig I was in the bad with a brown female, no that’s not the effect of beer, I’ve consummed cold meat for the sake of the hot pleasure last night and I was totally conscient of my duties as a tunisian citizen.
The moral of the story, that even you resit the most deep beast inside your spirit you’ll get pushed to the foolish crowd of the unhappy dancers. So beware of the simling creature, and don’t forget that a female mean always danger !

One Comment Add yours

  1. Enis says:

    As long as it wasn’t a black male !
    (with a big d….)

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