Postgresql for windows is not funny as a service

Last week Postgresql 8 was released, in addition to many bugs fixes, major features enachements and PITR, this version comes with a native 32 bits version wich runs correctly as a service. I know how happy are those standing in front of the windows desktop, but is it really as promising as that ? we were using Postgresql for more than two years in a live prodction site wich mature was grown with postgresql, but even 32 bit version exists we have No attention to migrate, chnage add or offer any windows postgresql version ! why ? beacause :
– Postgresql runs perfectly in Linux, it depends in !
– We have many addons and tools that lives inside Linux.
– We have started an opensource challenge and linux is a the most important in our contract.
– Windows XXXX server is so unstable that we’ve been obliged to reinstall it twice this year, Linux servers have been only upgraded from 7.2 to 9 of the cheering RedHat, they have never been down sick or unhappy with our needs for perfection.
– The major features of Linux makes Postgresql more powerfull as we’ve been able to create last year our own replication system.
– Our postgresql DBMS have work effiencly with our Cisco 2600, it’s not just a bridge for them but a real good friend.
– All our server (in the excption of 2 Win servers) are Linux based, Linux dedicated, linux perfect, Linux loved : DNS, Mail , Firewall, Proxy, …
– Installing postgresql Windows as a patented clicker make me sick and powerless, I feel like if my little brother of 8 years can do it ! and that’s really not cool, I can even bring my mum doing the job for me nad I’ll get back home cooking !
This version would be perfect fot those peapole :
– At home, where a singme OS rules.
– For offices where you don’t have the right to do nothing else printing the log.
– Microsoft boys.
– Benchmark dualities.
– First trial for windows users.
– Peapole who thinks that it’s a “Freeware”.
– Resellers who will combine it as paid service worth bills !
Finally, I’m not trying to negate the importance of that release, postgresql is great with or without my speech on linux or on the moon, I am just trying to report you that the couple Pgsql and RH Linux worked perfect for us, and it would be the same for your compagny.


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  1. imed says:

    mmmmmmmm …. ooooooooohh !! bon j’y comprends rien mais neskroulou

  2. darkness says:

    i’v never suscribed to ur mailing list , so plz don’t send me any mail anymore
    Best regards
    Sincerly , Darkness

  3. m says:

    linux, linux, linux…
    and what about that win32 pgsql port?
    i thought it’s about postgresql as a service on win32…

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