How do you qualify a girl ?

Nowadays, relationship between man and woman -here in Tunisia- has gone far from the time when separation was a must to the age where girls may have better rights and respect than man. I don’t want to express my satisfaction about that chronoligical progress of social behaviour, but I’ve seen degradation screaming out here, the last two years were the most hot in my life. Before coming to Tunis (The main city of Tunisia) I was a country boy seeking nothing but romance, relationship and harmony. Now I am using my only new weapon : the foxy boy who’s threats are compounded adjectives for fun and only fun, I’ve left my dreams for passions and love and I just need a girl next to me for other pusposes than talking about my sign, now we are boxed into my room livin’ la vida loca ! Yes it worked for me, and it must be the same if you give it a simple try.
Honesly the majority of the present cicivlisation of girls are an easy hunt for pleasure, if you don’t want to fish you’ll get in their basket of glory even you still pretend virginity, and that’s the cause of all diseases. I was trying always to be honest, to show the best of me and to build solid relationships based in my childish novels.
All that mindbattle goes in vain, now my body rocks the fun, and my mind is spotted into other projets, I still try to go back finding my lost treasure in vain, that boat and that sailor are sinking deeply into regret.
How do you like to qualify a girl ? nothing else the same that have eaten the apple, she’s steeling our harmony with seductionnal smiles. I’m gonna try to hurry to save the my remaing truth, so comment me some of yours solutions please.


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  1. Claud says:

    Nothing to do … But have only some pleasure doing what you want to do with her… She still can provide it to you !

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