Is Money More Important Than Sex? — Most Women Think So


Men think more about sex than money. Women think more about money than sex, according to a survey taken by Money magazine.
Why do men think more about sex than money? They can afford to. Women can’t.
Women worry that they won’t be financially independent. Because they worry about risk, women tend to invest too much in highly conservative investments such as certificates of deposit, savings accounts and bonds. They instinctively favor those investments over riskier stock investments because they know how they work, and they are afraid to take risks that may cost them money.

This quote is taken from the online woman financial coulm womenswallstreet, if we focus in that thory, we should know that’s a real life fact, woman thinks more about money than sex ! because sex can be got through money, money can be also be earned with sex, so we fall into the same logical game :
money -> sex -> moeny -> sex… : women logic
sex -> sex/sex-> sex/moeny->sex/sex/money… : men logic
Men are exposed here as idiots with the only needs of getting fun with their material ! oh yeah that’s true ! we (men of the world) like to “put” things on place, we make the money with ease no fear from the blast, and when it’s a woman it’s a “physical” investissment !
And if woman think a so hard a pityless way, we should increase our “liquid” assets in the market, we will try to be more harder, ’cause we know “what the woman wants !”


6 Comments Add yours

  1. imed says:

    i ,privety, know who think just drink drink and also drink … (i talk about alcoholic drink of course) WAZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAPPP !!

  2. Karim says:

    Ass grass and rock’n’roll !

  3. said says:

    ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

  4. Karim says:

    Don’t be so sadic !

  5. dasdous says:

    Il faut dépenser son argent…les femmes sont la pour ca!
    Il faut bien faire de l’argent…les hommes sont la pour ca!

  6. dasdous says:

    That is what we (men and women) are supposed to do

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