Van damme new album is out !


For cheering fans, thousands of idols, this an exclusive preview of the album of the great Van damme titled Life’s cool after six months of work in Ruwanda aided by the excellent stuff of Mezoued Porductions .
The album encapsulates 12 tracks as :
1- Mama is gonna beat me tonight.
2- B*tch song.
3- B*tch song (Unplugged).
4- B*tch song (Unplugged) featuring REM.
5- Leave it or take it.
6- Take it or leave it.
7- Leave or F*ck off !
8- Leave or F*ck off (Dance version) !
9- I am not an elephant.
10- I feel like a piece of meat.
11- The couscouss song.
12- Hobbik derbelly (Acoustic Mezoued).
and 2 bonus track :
13- شفت هاذوكم الزوز : أنا …
14- We will rock you (Featuring Blue).
You can enjoy hearing the devilish music of the hell ! The album will be sold exclusively at Habib’s super Shop (more than covered 1000 Km²), the adress is
Green City, next to library at your left – Tunisia
Phone : 00216 71 985478 (Hotline 24/24 – 7/7)
Web site :
P.S: Available also in Tape.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. dedom says:

    the legend is back
    cool i’m gonna get higher tonight with the legend
    please tell his highness to sing “my girl”for me
    i’m begging

  2. ASH says:

    it’s OKAY dedom,this song will appear in the second LP

  3. First time reading this blog, just wanted to say hi.

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