Coffee and ?


In the startup of this new century, a lot of technologies were covering the surface of the blue planet with green mature grass. Java the son of SUN, is one of the most revealing tech points of this last decade, the number of developpers and entreprise using java is growing fast, in the other side PHP got a so much impressive poppularity that covers the web needs.
When dealing with java at home, we are three to be PHP holy, and just two of us who are in the java industry(JSP), the moquery begun “Java coffee under pressure of the blue elephant”, “we like black coffee than beeing some safari tourists” and so on debates, even outside at work or with external fiends, Java looks is not so poppular, the arguments that me and others PHP developpers post as a JAVA killer are :
– It needs an additionnal layer, making it is slow, very slow.
– The lanaguage syntax is too complicated when compared to PHP.
– Publishing needs to guaranty a JDK in the host machine.
– Most of peapole here in Tunisia do it PHP.
– In the arab world , PHP is poppular than ever.
– PHP is 100 % Open , 100% free (no additional fees for the entreprise), 100 % GPL.
This speech makes Java boys scream out loud :
– Java is a robust bytecode compiler.
– The JDK takes only some tens of bytes, available windows like for Linux.
– Java have an official supporter : SUN, did the moon blaze you ?
– It works for desktop like for web.
– Oracle likes Java, we like Oracle and so we dwell in love baby !
In fact they haven’t said nothin’ alse that their job is to serve in Java, but I’ve made those sentences just to report somthing logic. I don’t try to make a comparison between the coffee and the elephant, but just reporting a friend daily debate, that’s nothing harming to choose a tecnhlogy than an other, just tell me why and I’ll give up my monkey smiling game.


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  1. direct tv says:

    nice weblog and loved this post

  2. Betsy Markum says:

    I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $57761. Isn’t that crazy!

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