Help me helping you


In this life things have a coulour that never fits the shape, a lying taste, a false approach and an ever twisting place on the table supposed to be an invitation for nutrition, but … whet the hell is this ?
Two weeks ago a damned girl -that I’ve known- have called me by phone telling a pityfull story of her need for help in completing her final studies project, the timeline was red : only two weeeks to go, she’s not anlone she got a collegue in the was sharing a sinking boat going deep into disaster, mankind obsession for survival made the scream convincing me beeing a harbor of safe.
The damned girl told me that they were couting on a freind, that have left them behind and I know exactly why, so he asked me if I would be that dust naming me “Amine”, secondly if I could ask for money for that operation (60 D.T ~ 50 U.S $) that she’ll be very happy to share with me. A that point my anger was the sand of moring beach : so I refused instantly to cooperate in so practices, even she’s pretending that her freind is rich person offering finacial issues : the damned girl “S” is living by sucking the blood of her freinds “Buy me pizza”, “Offer me a parfum”, “Let’s go to the disco” ,… Dracula is mercy when delaing with that creature ! she used to make he’s poor minded friend pay all spences of the project. So I was more than ever to help them, ignoring all money slavery and do it with bravery.
I was presented as “Amine”, and fast as we’ve stepped into friendship she told her friend agressively the cost of that realtion while my up lip and down lip were fleeing each other !!! I was unable to express any comment.
We gone at home and started to examine what the hell is this prohect, all the input data I got are rubbish of administratif papers, “We don’t know nothing”, “The Project attachee is stupid”, So I was obliged to do a reverse ingeniering that outputs an other rubbish, I’ve designed a Databse model, and so we’ve strated somthing, then I’ve asked them to give me better view of the system, evry time they come back they use to drop me a couple of words “We don’t know nothing” and so I was alone in the pain, they haven’t tried nothng alse a quick paste/copy in their report that from mine : the were not just lazy, but also stupid.
Afetr the first encounter I’ve told the secod girl “Sou” the truth all the truth, I don’t want to dwell in lies, so he wasn’t suprised to know my real name and that sh’s be the only to pay the price of choosing a vampire as friend in studies.
Yesterday, we’ve got an agreemnet like evryday to start working by 15 ‘Oclock, at 16 I was still waiting at 16:40 exaclty I’ve phone “Sou” to tell her is ever I could fly, but asked me stay : “I am just on th road”, at 19:22 I’ve left house in the direction of the metro station, just as was approcaching the green station “Sou” phoned and tell me back, I wasn’t to refuse : Let’s play it gentlemen, so at 19:27 I was there, I have changed the skin of the labory and strated the coumputer engine, while she were still laughing out loud, 15 minutes waiting in vain I’ve left again to the coffee.
After more than 30 min, they discoverd that noble servant of thir stupid belongings wasn’t at point, so the phone made the stress syllable of their fear of the unknown : “I am at el manar far far away ! I have consumed patience and so…”. I have tried to made relax and get back to help those unwanted girls, my answer didin’t change aven if I was relaxed with a couple of cigarettes and an sugarless expresso coffee.
The remaing details of the story are so long, painfull and boring that my blog won’t endure such tragedy.
The conclusion is Help me Helping you and if ever you were put in such situations avoid the anger management, just fly away !


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  1. dedom says:

    hey! man
    how r u
    your f***ing bloog is very great i enjoyed reading all this shit which cost me (1.500) where r the damned photoz claud told me about
    very very very brilliant idea
    yours hatefully the djerbian dedom

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