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Yesterday while degusting a big cup of tea with Ash and Said, we’ve drif out dicussion into blogging spotswear, and so was the question of inserting pituces into a post, links and so on, I know that most of you know exactly those simple HTML tas but for those who want to get some rich content and still outisde the house , get this tips :
Inserting a picture
This is too easy with Blogger, you just insert it as a this
<img src=[Target] border=[Border_size] alt=[Alternate_Info]>
[Taget] = The picture supposed to figure donw that tag (ex: you can easily get it by right clicking a picture and selecting “Copy image link” or selecting properties that copy the image link. For MoveableType users you can upload pictures from desktop that send it as a post.
[Border_Size] = The amount of border that you want to get round the picture, that really usefull when putting many pictures next together, or just to make it look smarter, don’t exceed 3 as border unless you’ll get an ugly window that opens to the air.
[Allernate_Info] = This feature is minded for text browsers who don’t have ability to view pictures or peapole that don’t like to see more that text for reasons like firewalls or limited bandwith, it’s also veru usesfull for search bots that would reference you pictures in their directories so we can rich you pictures not just by their names (aughfully named) but certainly with their alt info.
And this is an example

Mouse Hunetr Blog Aka Karim2K

You can see that every property needs a bouble cote, the slash must be ignored, I’ve inserted it to avoid beeing writing real HTML and so you’ll see just the output “”.
Inserting a link
The link is also an important content you’ll have to reference some sites, to send you friends to other pages worth reading and seeing, the link is so easy :

3 Comments Add yours

  1. said says:

    merci beaucoup karim, et je t’invite a visiter mon blog (
    et n’oublit pas de poster les photos
    merci encors.

  2. karim says:

    Do u english it please !

  3. said says:

    excuse me karime but i can’t speek and writ very well in anglech.
    thank you my freind.

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