Iraq’s prisonners abuse : toture… and rape too


My words are dust expressing deep injury seeing that pics, I can’t report nothing else that America is the exactly the reverse democracy, the terrorism engine >>>
Uncensored photos. Warning! take a look at you own risk !
Photos of the rape
An other one
Torture pics
Total coberage at CBS news
The memory Hole

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  1. kawtar says:

    i no longer bellieve in the American civlisation.
    they proved that animals are much better than them.i wonder how can such people live among American soceity.are they used to such acts???
    Is this the American soceity???disgusting

  2. Steve says:

    The Americans torture Iraqu citizens? Perhaps the American military or the government, but the citizens, for the most part, are some of the more compassionate and friendly people in the world, including the completely innocent young man who was executed by barabarians. Deny it, justify it, refute it all you care…you are misguided and wrong and typical of a brainwashed group. It is sad indeed.

  3. Karim2k says:

    We deny that act, but barabarian practices are not subject of who do it , but that it really happen somewhere.

  4. f says:

    this america guys what do u excpect from a goverment based on lies and nothing just lies they dont care about any thing except MONEY

  5. Hann says:

    I’m glad the Iraqis think things will work out for them.
    However, Bush is running for President of the United States, not Iraq. All this stuff about helping Iraqis is besides the point. Since when do Republicans go in for foreign aid?
    The problem with the Kerry campaign is that they’re too politically correct to really make this an issue. They’ve taken an occasional swipe at Bush over this, but fundamentally, they’re too “decent” to push the sort of xenophobic buttons that a Jesse Helms or Pat Buchanan would.

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