Yuri Markadi : The end of the world


I’ve got a very sympathic impression this morining, while drinking my coffee with frinds, I’ve seen somthing that doesn’t belong to the extreme stupidity and nudity of the Arabic music channel MelodyHits ! A meeningfull song was going on through the killing noise of a daily homeless discussion : The end of the world, the clip was perfect, the singer Yuri lied in a platform on the surface of the sea, a door was in front, …. then he took path to the ground through a woody little brigde maintained by kids whom voices rises as a cool refrain The world is noone’s property !. for the first time I felt good while seeing an arabic channel ! that song is great, and even is many peapole doesn’t like that singer, I think that he got he’s style and have made he’s own music. Go Yuri go !


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