Tunisian web is still in the babysitting room


How much time did the internet fill this country ? 5 or 6 years ? how much site are “MADE IN TUNISIA” ? how much peapole have understood the real facts about the web ?
All that is trash and retrorical questions that falls in the same evidence that Tunisia is still not ‘Webly’ mature enough, that’s not so dangerous, in other countries with high economic potential, technical developpement is left behind. While the state have spend too money developping an extend and powerfull internet architecture, we are still investing in stupid chat, ringtones search, and so on …
My message is to be clear, where is the Tunisian web,if you know it tell me please !


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  1. wadid says:

    Despite the fact that the tunisians “internautes” eat more that produce web sites.’Our’ webmasters use their full potential to create site for overseas countries.Tunisia have hendreds of coders and webartists who do work in many startups which invest in European market.
    Another interesting point still in the fact that coders and artists hibernate @home like volcanos and they are waiting for some one or something to raise their potential.

  2. est-ce-important? says:

    I think Tunisians are doing well on the web. I agree with wadid that there are more tunisian websites abroad than in tunisia but, I was surprised when I found out that there are several websites (and some of them are excelent ones) in Tunisia and by tunisian.
    Have a look at the directory of planet.tn :
    http://www.planet.tn and check “Annuaire du web tunisien”

  3. Karim2k says:

    Yeah that’s exacly, both of you are reporting facts , but I’m talking about some site , I’m dealing with the tunisian web ! the tunisian web is not coders , not even startups, but a fist of ordinary peapole that invest in filling the empty spaces in the web !

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