The new Iraki flag is the fifth till 1925


A new brave world, need a always some artwork, that’s what appened with Irak, a new flag means certainly a cutout with the past and the pretending begining of a new era, but thi this is not the first time that iraq changes it’s national cloours, so far away from 1925, the circonstances have made this often till 1925, 5 flags in less than a century ! let’s track back the history :
1925 : the royal flag of the King Faycel.
1958 : The revolutiioious republicain flag.
1963: The era of the republicain union with Egypt and Syria.
1991 : After the first Golf war, Saddam has added the word “ALLAH AKBAR” to the centric point of flag.
And so, the flag has always marked the history of that suffering conutry, if a flag was a promising fist for peace I’ll paint it myself, but the marketing actions can only prmote sales of an invaded soul….
Source : Al arab Online (Arabic)


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