OpenOffice Mascot


Every piece of technology, have it’s mascot, while Perl have the camel, the PHP the elephant, the openoffice got this things above …
“Winner of School Mascot Competition Announced the recently established Schools Project of (OOoEdu) has a new mascot. The happy winner is Andrea Maggioni, whose cheerful drawing, of a fun-looking seagull holding a fish, plays on the “OOo” shorthand of and was chosen democratically out of dozens of submissions by students throughout the world.”
This is the entry n° 100 ! wow I have thrown so much typing here. I would like to thank everyone who have helped, red and commented my Blog ! thank you Rundom Designs, without you I wouldn’t exist !
Wow that’s a cool mascot a duck would be the master of swimming ??


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Phoeinx says:

    All the greate animals are taken!!!!
    what mascot can i attache to my next software?

  2. Karim2k says:

    We will try to invent new species to make them mascots !

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