Penguins mets Ms boys ??


At, we can read it clearly, a linux debate gatherd Sun, Redhat, HP, Novell, Microsoft, … oh did I wrote Microsoft ?? yes, MS boys were talking with Linux makers at Redmond’s corner at the London event., the debate was about , Opensource, evrey question was answred by each represantant, the MS one did it really good ! he knows opensource and I’m sure that he gots a Linux distro at home while getting with him self, anyway the discssion was excellent.
Here a sample :
Question: There a lot of people on the panel today from different organisations, with different viewpoints. How are you going to work together to make Linux a unified platform?
Microsoft: Linux is not about to go away tomorrow, we know that, so how is Microsoft and Linux going to co-exist? The answer to that is they already have and you just need an abstraction layer to let that happen and that abstraction layer is Web services. We did a test 18 months ago with some senior people from Microsoft and some from IBM and we had SQL running on Windows and DB2 running on Linux and they were talking to each other via Web services.

[Don’t miss it !]


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