Penguins are unhappy while Linux is used by the army in Irak


A very intersting article showing the very conviting deception of the president of LULA (Linux Users Los Angels Lunix) in, Clay Claiborne, the founder and president, have show how much harming the fact that Linux is being used by US army to kill in Iraq, :
I think the question of military use of Linux needs a vigorous debate in the Linux community. It is just now happening. I don’t think that Linux should be used for killing and I don’t really trust the Pentagon to abide by the GPL.
He claims the community to re-study the GPL clauses, Linux is a pacifist OS, it’s a peacefull system, so why does the pentagon pushes the OpenSource Tools for i’s closed and fistfull goals :
You know I am in favor of an army and a national defense. I just think we can defend against real threats for a lot less money than it takes to conquer third-world countries for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with national defense.
He mentioned above that the war on Irak is nothing else an economic reasons where third-world is the victim.
[Read it yourself @]


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