Got drunk ? you’ve just Lost your Rank !


Have you ever been drunk ? The world would be taken with ease things get a differnet shape and you feel mastering your stupidity, while you are running in the wrong way of somewhere else you want to get in. The bottle of an empty desire rings in your head if ever your brain is already working the goal of the drunk is make he’s upper engine working slept, the tomorrow with start with a doubt and hand of crazy questions :”Who am I ?” or “Where did you sleep last night ?”; I’m not blaming no one to be so auwfull, but this a realistic analysis made from a personel experience, no one have told me stories, I haven’t red articles about alcoholic life : I was in the fact, I was a memeber of a comittement for quality, a group of peapole who think that loosing the mind will refresh the engine.
But finally back from the geen valley of glass and liquid emotions, I felt that that’s a little stupid, a bitter action that covers worst of our engegement.
I’m not trying to innocent myself, nor starting to tell to how much I suffer, and not even the proud to know that and been able to stop, but just to release the doubt from my confidence, it’s when you start to explain knows fatalities, that the doubt covers your speesh, please correct your sentences it’s worth consistence and that’s a call of duty, evryone one should taste the that while having an encounter with the green bottles, if you’ve understand my today carzy scream you should just keep on your rank !

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  1. wadid says:

    To be Drunk means more than the word drunk!
    This mainly means to be out of control..How to refresh engines when they are overloaded with gasoline:they just get sick as a horseman who can’t swim but he can break a wall with a punch and we put’m in the sea..He will drink ’til death.. Drunk is junk! The better is to fight life with fate..

  2. Karim2k says:

    I agree with you’re the expert, while you are in France how are you ?

  3. Global says:

    The best blog!

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