How to start, maintain and expand a Blog


It’s like a ciagarette you put in your mouth and never beeing able to stop it that’s a blog, and as Gad El Maled explianed it , starting smoking is so hard, blogging is easier and doesn’t need a long breathe -while smking take all your breathes !-.
First of all
You must find a hosting cavern, excuse my sentences but that’s a cool name 😉
The blog engine
Blog engines are so many that a headache is possible beyond you wide knoelege, so don’t get busy : the best blog engines -as I know- are this one (Moveabletype), b2, nucluesCMS. Choose one that really covers your needs.
The content
Biff !!! that’s entirely depending on you and you only, blog anything that goes upon your head, don’t be serious, and don’t throw trash in your online diary.
How often ?
If you’re online twice a week and really able to blog that’s extraordinary, you don’t have to blog daily.
Maintaining you blog
Oh, that’s some species that you can add to your default template, adding a logo, some links,…
Wow, that’s cool, you can add some counters, weatherforcats, citations, picture gallery , and many many things !
In the end (No, I don’t write songs for linkin’park), take your time in this procedures, ask the bloggers, taka a look at the blogs around, an maybe your be a blogger 😉


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