NDC 2004 Countdown !


The next NDC 2004 (for those knowing some of the NDC 2003 facts) will take place in morocco very early this year, while it has been in a hot june it would be from 13 to 16 of april of this year wich mean one month left to the most exiting .NET meeting. but unfortunatlly we will be deprived of the super Stephen Forte and he’s cool friends, this year we have : Clemens Vasters, Ingo Rammer, Scott Hanselman. as a preview, I prefer Tunisi NDC 2003 , hein boys ?


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  1. Malek says:

    Why would you be deprived of Stephen Forte? did you take a look at the agenda at all? he is doing some cool stuff in Casablanca (Mobile Web Forms, Yukon…)

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