The question is : ‘How’s gonna cook tonight’ ?


We are a constellation of co-workers and friends living in harmony and maybe love (but we are not gays !) we have many activities such as smoking, playing games, chiling, watchning Divx- movies and certainly cooking. every night a young man an ex-Club med monitor steps forward and strife with the deep pain to do for us what is our daily food, he is couragous, faithfull, funny, foolish,… and he’s name is ASH, thank you my friend ! we ode to your our nutrition, we dare being just wahsers of a lost emotion !
I want to to award him with this award for cooking so good and being never tired. If just he gots a litle mature he would be perfect πŸ™‚


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ASH says:

    thank u

  2. Karim says:

    Beware of the tanks, they could make you…

  3. Claud says:

    A Good Thing is happened in this BLOG! ,let me say that it’s usually happening in Tunisia. We call this [KABET EL HALWA] in [KAF OU …].
    I havent’ Found the [KAF] in this Blog but i think that [SHLAF] had a reason not to do it.
    In the End(CopyRighted), i just want to add this Just for the cooker: Thank’s DJ ASH(C) …

  4. karim says:

    Don’t cry for me Green City πŸ™‚

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