The path of heroes


The town is empty, the desire is here, could I paint the sky for you ?? hein … so where am I going ? Did I swept into fake, is this my destiny ? I would like to go on believing that I am the driver of what !!! please relax and keep the matrix guide you, the tour is honnestly despitefull of all regrets.
Today I’ve got double shock, and as known the compagny was a long hair beast, with repuation to keep men under control beyond the wall of ‘Pink Floyd’, today I have to choose who’s gonna choose me , oh my godness how the hell is cool ! I would appreciate to help you helping me, but too late to … I am already a man;
The only few seconds that you feel happy, sad, interstant and fool are ‘Times Like these’ when ‘the love is all around’ and it’s nothing else ‘the summer jam’ in your head yeh ‘Zombie’.
N.B : to be red with Dolby surround.


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