Oscars 2004 revealed !


Last night why crossing the road with a friend, he was talking to a friend living in England this one was talking about Oscars, and how he will beat the pain and dare sleeping till 4:00 morning : what a sacrifice, is it really worth letting down it’s warm bad ? I don’t know and I don’t, especially when Lords of the Sheeps have collected all the prices, this come exactly after that 50 millimes (tunisian cents) have collected all the MTV awards, the peaple giving the prizes in both oscars and MTV are certianly, and no doubt Windows users, no…. word users with the copy/paster mestering practice ! It’s not that I’m jealous or I don’t like cinema but, there many others singers and movies worth prices ! yep, anyway we would like to thank evrybody unslept till oscars fiesta!
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