I’ve a coumputer, I need buy an other !

Hell ! last days I’ve offred my self a cool Hitachi/IBM 120 Gb hard disk, wheile installing the joujou I’ve got many problems with my bios recognizing the just disk size, so I’m planning to get an other motherboard and an other XP athlon processor, So my old PIII-500 is getting out of range ! and those who got a P4 are planning to get a new Gforce FX, those ith a large Hard disk alooking forward to a 19″ monitor and my freind Kamel, is planning to get a new PIII motherboard, unless getting a new motherboard with a processur abord, and so and so and do … real coumputing peapole are never satisfite or let’s say running after technology in long away cool kiss ! this is the hell if you want to feel OK while sitting in front of a coumputer and play MaxPayne 6 and Halfe-Life 18 and Fifa 3050 …. with some 150 movies and 54400 Mp3 albums i think that a PC life is decrised to a flash of time, yes the matrix is getting us ! Hope at least that yopu got a coumputer to understand my speech 🙂


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  1. Claud says:

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  4. Sven says:

    Have a nice weekend!!!

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