I’ve got the power !

After more than 6 months dealing with Palm, I can drop my verdict, the handled 3Com machine although with only 2Mb, and a greyscale resolution have shown it’s excellence with more than a thousand of diret features, I’m passed now to a level where a Palm is not just a joke, oe an exhibition of technology, but a real part of my body. While I’ve lost my paers, my mobile Phone , my identity, and my faith a look aroud and found a some icch white trick that have made my life not easier but more funny, how could this be ?
– Everyday I get up thanks to the Palm alarm !
– My meeting and RDVs are man,aged by night to get done the next day.
– My data is secure when it’s stored, in my palm, my destop coumputer , in a Backup CDR, and in the web thanks to Mail.be !
– It needs absolutly nothing and give more !
– 4 Weeks of energy : that’s great !

Finally, I won’t make you feel weak without a palm, or expose myself as a super coumputing geek, but I think that’s we could have one, the new zire 21 is too cheap and anyone can get it for little sum of money 99$ about 120 D.T ! Yes you’ve got excuse !


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