Tunisia : the country of the KussKuss developpers ! – Part 1-

The coumputing has gained peapole in Tunisia from early years, from 80s we’ve haerd about peapole working in thinking machines, the end of the that decade was warm with more peapole developping for the market, first benifiant of the new technology were banks, it started with managing accounts, debts and tansactions, the entreprise were the followers, the tools were jackpot machines with Fortron, cobol, … than the wave gaves advance to Dbase, Foxpro in one hand and Basic , Pascla , c in the other hand. MSX, Commodore, Amstrad were ruling the Personel coumputing globe, in the begining of the 90s The X86 is the new properant race eliminating TV dependant cool box ! the developpers were progressing the same line with the same tools with the same growing needs of the market : managment, the other needs were feeded with export softawre (Autocad like), in the half of the gloriuous dacade we’ve been developping using VB, developper, perhaps other tools that haven’t survived the mode, … in the current century we’ve seen Java and Web based apps, stiil vb, Oracle developpers , …
That’s a glory if we’re feeding the market with our own hands, but what is our level of creativity : a low depency apps for one purpose for one downfall circle.
A chiniese proverb says “Don’t give me evryday a fish but just teach me how to do”. I’m not blaming noone for design or bugs, but the fact that we’ve never steppe forward scripting, where are our own apps ? have anyone made a software worth disucssing ? all apps are are made in U.S.A and used here , by brave peapole ? now we need those brave fists to make for us real tools ! if you take a look at the communist market, you’ll be ashamed seeing how rich software boc that own ! we are still having faith in Autocad, that’s cool but can we reall made a TunisiaCAD ? something that really fits our real needs ? Yes I know taht would take a lot of time and will give profit !
Hope you’ve understand my modest scream against the game ! will continue crying next time !


3 Comments Add yours

  1. MMM says:

    Couscous.NET will be the next big thing in the computing world.
    C# is gonna die and leave it’s place for Couscous 😉
    It’s all part of a whole new strategy and programming style: Yummy Programming 😛

  2. karim says:

    Yes, In tunisia we have the Shourou fish code project KussKuss .Nat will be the killing stratup for M$ and Linux too !

  3. hajer says:

    BRAVO,c’est excellent ton site et les articles qui sont trés interessantes et qui sont bien ridigés en englais,continue comme ça c’est très bien.
    Bonne continuation

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