Did .NET ever start in Tunisia

Deer readers I wouldn’t say that I have a global vision in the tunisian coumputing market, but I’ll say that I know enough to say that we have not stepped into the new .NET technology, as primary Windows users (yes with the shame that takes). The tunisian software market : software done by tunisian peapole is like above :
60 % : VB.
20 % : Oracle Developper
the rest : Some delphi (rare), Java , PHP, Asp , …
The Java is gaining the market day per day, and many entreprises are feeling cool with browser side apps as PHP, JSP and ASP (Coldfusion ????!!!!). While VB developpers seems to maintain their position as classic myform.visible = false, ODBC love and Crystal reports SuperSmoke cigarettes !
In my Honorable opinion the tunisinian market is moving slow, perhaps staganation is in in progress, that makes me feel sick, but looking to growing numbers of Linux users I feel cool !


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  1. MMM says:

    ColdFusion Rules !!!
    VB Sucks !!!
    .NET is cool…
    Java: will come back to see if the page has loaded tomorrow…
    ASP: VB for the web, Sucks even harder !!!
    PHP is nice 😉
    that’s my 2 cents…

  2. karim says:

    Wow one of the only four Coldfuusion in Tunisia , how are you man ?

  3. MMM says:

    Well, i’m still happy being one of the select few who know how to do anything using ColdFusion faster, better, easier than anyone using any other language can 😉
    and u ? how are u doing ?

  4. Karim says:

    Following the steps of the great elepahnt, may god help us to fetch() the fun !

  5. MMM says:

    aren’t u afraid that the elephant might run away and leave you out in the cold just like the dolphin did before him ? 😉

  6. Karim says:

    The Afrcain Elephant will lives only in warm !

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