FootBall is bad !

Yes, as you know it -an so evrybody of my tribe feel like- football is bad, it’s a stupid game where a band of illitred and stupid gringos run after a ball while crying like savana’s coyotes and telling vulgarity in the air, this is a least of the fact: football submerge other sports as catch, box, kung fu and go check for it rex !. The last derby match between the two holigan team of EST and CA have dusputed a very bad game that finished with a struggle between the supporters of the two most famous tunisian footbal teams, we don’t care about teir m*** f*** health, but we were unpleasd to see that those inscets affects always the near environnemnt, they can break anything in their ways !!! Oh my god , never tell me that footBal is a sport ! Football is for nerds, and if you defend those peapole you defend a loosing mind !!!!


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  1. jon says:

    you are an illiterate monkey learn to read and write you fat lardo and you are dumb so learn not to be dumb dumbo

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