New memory technology from Big Blue..

MRAM (Magnetic RAM) is the new generation of 0.18 microns memory which may someday be used in PCs.It reaches the performance of actual SDRAM. The technology behind it is made upon the spin of electrons (left=0;right=1).. The great advantage of this physical property remains in the fact that the spin is a non volatile information.i.e: If the current turns off the content of the memory persists.. Useful!
This combines the advantages of SDRAM and MemoryFlash. IBM the manufacturer of MRAM was proud to show the first 16KB chip of it’s new baby..
Hope that the price will not be as high as the microdrive elsewhere Nokia will release PCs and SONY will release Sport shoes.. -Wadid-


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  1. karim says:

    نعم هذا جيد , وكم ثمنها بالله عليك ؟

  2. Kmeher says:

    I am wondering if SONY will bring Memory Stick in the Shoes to remember the tragectory :p

  3. direct tv says:

    nice weblog and loved this post

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